Vault of Glass vs. Crota's End: The Destiny Comparison We Had To Make

If you're still playing Destiny these days, if you're in deep enough to obsess over tiny details and require advanced tips, you're probably no stranger to the game's two raids. » 1/26/15 3:00pm Monday 3:00pm

The Rare Destiny Gun That Nobody Seems To Have [UPDATE]

This week, hard mode launched for Destiny's Crota's End raid. Along with tougher enemies and lightly remixed battles, hard mode brought the opportunity to win a number of cool new guns. But the rarest of them, a rifle called Necrochasm, appears to be mysteriously missing in action. » 1/23/15 2:40pm 1/23/15 2:40pm

Advanced Tips for Playing Destiny

If you're still playing Destiny, chances are you've moved beyond beginners' tips and into a whole new world of grinding, cheesing, and alt characters. It's time you got a tips post that wasn't written for babies. » 1/14/15 4:00pm 1/14/15 4:00pm